What Are You As A Software Tester?


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Testers are interesting people and passionate professionals. However many things about them are unknown or underrated. So I court myself thinking once, if I, myself, had a limitless visit card what should I place on it? What do I want everybody to know about me as a tester and about all other people who luckily are sharing my profession? Here is a nice list I’ve came up with and do hope all of you will agree.

  • I am paranoid. I really am. I can’t stop thinking about the quality of any product I am testing. It’s like I take a cup of tea or shower or just stroll outside for a while and all my thoughts are like: “what if there is a bug I gave missed? What if the app breaks and it’s all my fault because I failed?” Surely this is not the greatest quality people usually boast and brag about but I know a hell lot of people that feel the very same way. Perhaps it’s because we are the first ones who gets blamed if things don’t work as supposed to.
  • I am great at keeping all kinds of records and so is everybody I usually communicate with from my team. It’s in our blood I think.
  • Every tester can realize and fully understand business requirements either wise he is long out of business. Few team members from the tech side can be truly proud of this quality however we, testers, simply don’t even have a choice.
  • We are not paying with things, and none of us cares how it looks, it’s our job for Lord’s sake. Is it really so hard to realize your app is not just lines of code and most people don’t even care about how great your achievement in developing this or that feature is? Users appreciate the looks and not what’s inside.
  • Testing the code is as difficult as writing it. It’s just like writing an article to a newspaper. There is the journalist and the editor. Both in their places and sometimes good editors are valued more than common journalists. Think about it.
  • If you are good at testing the industry does provide you with numerous opportunities and career growth. If you are good that is.
  • Although there is no specialized degree universities may offer for you to become a software tester (hence education is not vital, unlike your mindset) you are constantly learning and studying to remain up-to-date and demanded which is a really nice paradox.
  • We know some apps better then developers do.
  • A team of testers in not some magical item that scares all the bugs away. Sure we could test and track every single bug if… the budget was limitless and there were no deadlines. However we manage to spot just all necessary defects within a limited period of time and grant usability to software that is released.

Do you agree with my list and perhaps you have words you wish to add feel free to do so in the comments.

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