Website Testing and Marketing: Brothers in Arms

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/1/2014

Website Testing and Marketing: Brothers in Arms

Marketing and testingAll the leading specialist agree that the present market situation is that brands are becoming more and more personal. Consumers are now quitting to buy Gucci just because it’s “Gucci”. A strong brand name is already not enough. People like to shop home, where it’s warm and safe, and to shop only after reading about that particular “useless-o-matic 3000” and knowing that it is extremely useful from the comments left by their friends or even complete strangers, that are 100% trustworthy only because they left a comment. And if your page is showing poor performance you are destined to lose all of these consumers.

So previous and on time testing is a huge benefit that would give you a nice head start, and is definitely worth the spent money. You will get way ahead of most of your market competitors, since a magnificent amount of businesses are not even aware if their site is being monitored on a day-to-day basis. You don’t want to be on the looser side, do you?

Nevertheless it would be a mistake to think that you are way ahead of everybody. It takes a lot of mother wit to just become a good marketer. And naturally lots of them became tech-oriented as well. But you can put a small difference to your advantage. An extremely small amount of people can be professionals in several fairly different fields. So having a separate QA team, by all means, gives you the upper hand over the tech-savvy marketers.

And testing does not have to be ridiculously expensive. There are various alternative solutions existing that can reduce the cost without compromising on quality. Good specialists, which know what, when and how to do and can ensure you are not overpaying for software (that you are using the best price-quality solution existing) and not spending your hard-earned money for things you don’t even need and won’t be using.

And in any way profits of satisfied consumers that will shop from you again and again will cover all the extra expenses and even more. With a decently operating web page you will have faithful, friendly customers that love to share good links, and voila – you have a small and self-developing advertisement network you don’t even need to take part in. And all of that thanks to on-time testing.

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