QArea is hosting a webinar about easy Drupal project deployment, not a thing to miss!


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Is Drupal challenging?

Drupal is seemingly of the best CMS’s mankind has come up with as for now. A lot of modules and code are being developed every single day by many dedicated developers. The amount of modules (features) and vast security have made Drupal a preferred CMS for practically every web project. It’s even good enough for to be running on Drupal. But every project has its issues and Drupal projects are in no way exceptions. Deployment process is difficult as it is, yes, but it may get better and simpler if you know how. And that particular knowledge may be gained from attending the webinar hosted by QArea.

What is the scope of the event?

Andrey and Yaroslav, young yet skilled and talented developers will be the speakers representing QArea on the webinar. As said earlier many challenges may appear while any Drupal project is in progress, but Yaroslav and Andrey will be dedicating their speech to the deployment stage in particular as all may never be covered by one single webinar. Also you will discover full potential of modules like Drush and Features and ways these modules will assist you with deployment.

All from a CTO to a developer may gain something new from the webinar as the desire of achieving perfection with something (despite being impossible) is what is driving many minds of developers thus no source of useful information is to be missed, especially if the ticket price is 0.00$!

What are the main topics to be covered in the webinar?

  • Ways of improving deployment with Features module
  • The same only the module will be Drush
  • Various useful command one may use to avoid or overcome multiple issues

Please feel free to visit the webinar as the tickets are absolutely free of charge and the information QArea’s specialists will be giving away is priceless.

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