Consider These Weaknesses of the iOS 8 Platform When Testing Mobile Apps


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iOS 8 is a fine, scalable platform. However, it is relatively new and still is overfilled with numerous defects and weaknesses. Some of those can be vital, others are not even worth of fixes, hover all must be mentioned for the sake of testing as you never know what can trigger this or that bug inside your own iOS app’s code while testing mobile apps.

weaknesses you face while testing mobile apps:

  1. iOS 8 decreases performance of all earlier versions of iPhones from 4S (included) and lower. So elder iPhones are literally slower while their OS version is newer. iOS 7 had blown up with astonishing updates at the end and 4S rocked and rumbled. Last updates really pushed Apple’s flagman (of that time) to its limits. And then came iOS 8 that does a great job powering 6 and 6+ but not 4S.
  2. Speak of the devil: iOS 8 is tailored to fit wider screens of latest iPhones (6 and 6+). Newer phone version are prod with their size of 4.7” and 5.5” respectively. And surely newer OS version had to go alongside successful progress, but what about all those other Apple devices out there? The fact that Apple’s latest OS is designed with respect to larger screens leaves several issues to 3.5” and 4” phones. Let’s take the keyboard for example – it experiences a dramatic downfall in usability when users operate an iPhone4. Will your app be usable on a smaller screen?
  3. Apple phone users were always proud their battery life lasted far longer than the one Android-based phones offer. iOS 8 eats up a lot of charge so if you are planning to develop an app make sure it’s not too hungry as large energy consumption may lead to overall failure of your solution in the market. After all, who wants any app on a dead phone?

Surely there are still numerous other potential flaws in Apple’s platform but all of them tend to be either minor or not yet discovered. However each potential flaw may blow up like an actual usability or (most likely) security breach very much like the killer text message that went viral lately for it’s potential to lure iPhones into endless reboot cycle.

Do you have any iOS 8 related concerns?

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