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Hardcore Video Game Test Automation with AI Software

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/31/2015

Hardcore Video Game Test Automation with AI Software

Video games testing is not all fun and, well, games as you are probably aware by now. Many practices of “traditional” software testing cannot be applied to game testing, that is true, however, are there no ways of automating the process? Do people need to constantly play through a game over and over to determine possible flaws?

Why invent other types of tests?

There are astonishing practices like, let’s say, Unit testing in QA that assist in achieving hardcore quality of software. However such methodologies are not common among game testers. Why? Well, mostly because game functionality is tied together and rendering is directly connected to game mechanics. This leads to hellishly difficult Unit tests that are

  1. unpredictable;
  2. untrustworthy;
  3. overly time-consuming to be written and maintained

If the only rational conclusion is to make someone play a game why not create an actual player? Thus AI bots are created that run through a game performing numerous tasks end determining whether all works as it should.

As easy as that?

Well, of course AI test bots are far from top human performance, however they should do just fine in saving loads of ma0hours of testing. This is like making any NPC one of main characters. Such solutions tend to prove valuable, however have several challenges and pitfalls. Here are few examples:

When automation’s not an option?

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