Validation testing: what you need to know


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Validation testing is a process of testing software in order to define if it meets the customer’s needs and requirements or not. The process carried out by QA professionals before the product is ready for release is called validation testing.

This kind of testing is very important, as well as verification testing. At the end of development process the software is being evaluated to check if it meets the needs given by customer.

Thus, before handing over to a customer, QA engineers apply validation testing. It helps to identify if developers build the right project that complies with user needs and requirements and if it carries the intended purpose.

When software is tested the aim is to check the quality regarding the found defects and bugs. When defects and bugs are detected, developers fix them. After that, the software is being checked again to make sure no bugs are left. In that way the software product’s quality scales up.

Stages of Validation testing Process:

  • planning of validation;
  • marking the requirements;
  • choosing a team;
  • developing docs;
  • estimation;
  • fixing bugs.

 Validation Testing variations:

  • Unit testing. The aim of the unit testing is to look for bugs in software unit. It also verifies the work of modules and objects.
  • Integration testing. The interaction between the different interfaces of the units is tested.
  • System testing. This type of testing is done when the whole software system is ready.
  • Acceptance testing. During this testing a tester should put himself in position of a client and act due to the needs of a client.
  • Alpha testing. Alpha testing is implemented on the developers’ site by potential users.
  • Beta testing. When the previous testing is done, beta testing is implemented at the user’s end.
  • Regression testing. This testing is done after the desired changes or modifications are done to the existing code.

There is a notion as Independent Validation testing: it is when a third party is carrying out the testing. The developer should hand on the manual to the third party tester.

Validation testing of is a valuable part of the software development process. Validation testing makes sure that the software product complies with desired quality standards and a product satisfies customer’s needs.

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