Validation Suits Fail You? How That Happened?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/10/2014

Validation Suits Fail You? How That Happened?

So the test suite…

The test suite is basically a set of test cases used in all kinds of application testing. The suite consists of precise information about the cases and the systems configurations. Thus it makes test suites a number of machines that are being configured for the purpose of testing websites.

A well done validation suite does not simply aid in providing a proper usability testing platform. It should test and review prototypes as well. The prototypes must be reviewed rapidly and on all platforms. A small tip: the process of testing your site, network or application can become more efficient if test suites are automate, rather than hand-written.

Are they always effective?

Sadly – no. Test cases are not always as efficient as they should be. But how’s that happening? Here is a list of the most common mistakes that ruin validation suits.

  1. Absence of visibility

When the system is coming to its internal state QA experts tend to have very little visibility into it. It’s like finding broken bones without an X-ray machine: possible, yet extremely hard. Testers must always remain the ability to execute the required checking of the app’s parts. They also need to maintain the possibility of carrying out the specific tests of extensive applications.

  1. Holdup between the Cause and the Effect

Lots of cases are filled with bug symptoms yet they are remaining hidden or practically invisible. So in order to see these little fellers you have to test the app over and over repeatedly.

And there are the so called “Quality Gates”. Although they are mostly used in the very end of the testing process I’d rather to use them a little bit more often. If they are used in the middle of the process rather than just once in the end – bonuses will be very pleasing. Plus they are the right key to the proper quality software lock.

So, I hope you won’t be making the same mistakes all over. Enjoy your testing and have lots of luck while performing it.

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