Useful Beta Tips On How To Bring Closure To Your Test

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/21/2013

Useful Beta Tips On How To Bring Closure To Your Test

man with checklistWhen you’re ready to end your test and the data possible was collected and you feel like terminating the project, in such moments you start to think how to do it. But you can’t just suddenly stop your project, or you risk confusing your testers and leaving some loose ends behind. Here are some useful tips for finishing your project .

  1. Give a Notice That It’s finished.Make it clear that the project is finished. You can send a notification to testers that the project is over. It also can be an email, anything will do. You just need to let them comprehend that the test is over, their job is done and you need to close project.
  2. Wait till You get your Product.However, if members of the project have to send the product back to you after testing, do not inform that the project was closed until you receive all back. If they have a thought that you terminated the test, they will not return you the test items.
  3. Valuable workers.Keep in mind that good testers are unique. They are hard to find and it is better to have a few qualified testers rather than many average ones.
  4. Establish a Closure Process.Make a standard procedure for closing down betas — and go along with it. Make an announcement that the beta will be closed in a week, so testers will have time to make unfinished work done. You may not spill the details, because they are not so important. Just be informative and brief.

We hope this will make your closure process easier. To reach the most efficient results of your project BugHuntress is ready to provide you with qualified team of testers.

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