The Unknown Realities of Game Testers


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Functional Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Usability Testing

For certain nobody or, at least, almost nobody gets paid just by playing games. Imagine you are the employer, a company that is working hard to earn respect, admission and money. Will you hire a 32 year old dude with a beard and some mustard stains on his “The mighty Avengers” T-shirt that simply wants to play? I think not. You would prefer a specialist that would bring you profit, and you won’t get any if you release games crowded with bugs.

So you hire a professional that is capable of finding bugs in the game and even more than that –reporting them to the rest of the team in a way everybody would understand the problem (where, when and how it occurred). Certainly game testers will be one of the first to play the coolest new games, but there’s nothing to envy about. The catch is that you don’t play for fun. A tester has to play the game, or even a separate location over and over and over. He has to find all the bugs there are.

Then, when you find a bug you have to report it to the team in an understandable way, as mentioned above. Have you ever tried doing so? Try to explain your friend at which exact spot did you fall through the structures near “that green tree” in a forest location, and how you did it, because he isn’t falling. And you have to perform various game disc durability checks to find out when exactly well it be rejected by the system. Now this part can actually be fun.

Game testers are not paid as well in comparison to other IT related specialties, unless you are one of a kind hot shot tester capable of finding bugs with your eyes sealed and the game-pad switched off. Shure you will be able to earn a good salary. But that won’t happen just like that. You will need years of experience in order to not to be treated like a rookie that can’t walk and chew gum on the same time.

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