Your Ultimate Testing Checklist-&-Assistant


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Here we go with one more vital checklist. However, this one is unlike any other. It will not be focused on any separate part of the process, won’t fit only a few platforms, it’s not something from agile or Waterfall, no. It is the one, ultimate software testing checklist that will fit every QA process in the world. And it is extremely useful to have it at hand. Always.

So where should my ticks be?

  • Have you measured, defined and prevented risks (the ones you could)? You may lose it all due to poor quality of testing from your product to your entire brand name. Projects may become overly expensive with time. You may lose some of your star players or major aces from your sleeve. Anything can happen. So I ask this once again, have you calculated the risks?
  • Are QA processes driven by business needs? What else can be said here? Testing has to focus on business needs and expectations that rely on the product under test. And if it’s nit there is no point at even starting with tests. Period.
  • Will your QA processes increase profitability? Software testing is an investment nobody would make if no profits were gained from it. Are you as efficient as possible as a tester, project manager test lead, business analyst?
  • And will your product make people happy after tests? No users, no software. And people do tent to use only the things they love. You may solve world hunger with your app and people will still prefer something prettier and more convenient in use, if you have not paid enough attention to usability aspects.
  • Do you care for the end-user when performing testing? Surely user comfort is vital, but your app has to deliver value to particular people it is oriented on. Are you testing this?

It is curious how some of world’s most common things have to be repeated over and over.

Always keep up to this checklist while testing and you will be amazing.

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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