Making UI testing trouble-free


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Automated Testing, Usability Testing

If you want to make UI tests trouble-free, then you should show real design work. The main thing you have to examine is the structure of the system. While you are facing a web application, you need to be skilled in such things as principles of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML operation, standards for the identification of elements on pages, changes of some pages, handling with visible messages of the user in the application and others. If you are not well-informed in the things listed above, UI tests most probably will be fragile.

UI tests have to be a shallow layer, which is particularly focusing on testing presentation, when logic, math and any other similar kind of data are very seldom tested. If you use this information for test designing, then they will be reliable and serviced during the whole life of the system.

Designing UI tests is an art. But still this kind of work is quite achievable in case you use the right tools. We also want to share with you a piece of important information concerning automated UI testing.

As experience shows, almost every software system faces one specific kind of errors – when something is missing. And it is really hard to find out such an error, especially when you test the application manually.

The search does not return the results any more. A widget is no longer on the page. A piece of data critical to the work of the user is missing.

If you are testing manually, it is not difficult to find causes of the errors, such as errors of presentation. At the same time it is hard to find components and activities that do not exist any more: it is rather difficult task for a person to notice a thing which is missing, but these errors stand out in an automatic UI test system. This feature makes automated UI testing really important and proves UI test automation to be worth your investment. The missing of some detail in the User interface is not revealed with unit or integration tests. That critical particle of activity that doesn’t handle to pass the last interface to the UI is revealed at the UI, and system of automatic UI tests is considerably efficient in finding errors when something has gone missing.

TestFort team tests the software for its correct work through different platforms and browsers, taking into account particularities of the project and involving all the necessary devices in the testing process. Contact us, we will help you make your application responsive, fast, and without unforeseen operation errors.

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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