Tough Parts of Testing Web Sites with High-Traffic

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/29/2015

Tough Parts of Testing Web Sites with High-Traffic

If you are considering on developing a really high-traffic website you will require appropriate QA and Testing, considering huge volumes of people, your potential customers or any other source of oncome that is, will be trying to view your site. And they will be doing it constantly. When we say big, we mean BIG: like a website for an international corporation like Nice or McDonalds, or news portals such as CNN and BBC, etc. I believe every single person in such companies realize why their web presence has to maintain flawless. But few realize how to achieve such results.

Testing such websites is a practice only few may be trusted with considering all the risks and the high stakes. Here are several pitfalls we, from personal experience, know and would wish to point out:

Surely challenges never end here, however these are some of the most vital ones few QA teams are paying enough attention to.

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