Top technology trends of 2018: the future has already come

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/14/2018

Top technology trends of 2018: the future has already come

Today’s emerging technology trends were merely ideas in sci-fi movies just ten years ago. Machines are getting smarter each year, which is exciting and promising. Businesses profit from newly integrated technologies. Uber is an ideal example. Do you remember how we used to hail a cab right on the street?

The idea to make any process easier for users — is always an idea in demand. Smartly developed and tested solutions are able to not only improve the quality of our lives but also to bring enormous revenues to businesses around the world. Take blockchain technology for example. Numerous businesses are built with the help of it, and the same number of businesses can already test blockchain apps, providing a so-demanded QA service.

Let’s take a look at the top technology trends of 2018 that deserve your attention.

Virtual reality as the latest technology trend

Our senses are the defining perception factors to explain the “reality” term. This is the reason for virtual reality being one of the latest IT technology trends in “the age of hedonism”. This technology trend opens the door to the possible and impossible, providing users with incredible experiences. Traditional gaming evolved with this technology, and games continue to become even more sophisticated and engaging. Engineers have to make enormous efforts to meet the high expectations of users. For QA engineers it implies more testing sessions, more debugging, more of everything in 2018.

Immortal technology trend: Internet of Things

Smart devices will continue conquering the world in 2018 as one of the top technology trends. The Internet of Things (IoT) simplifies our lives, entering major industries like mechanical and power engineering, along with manufacturing and retail.

Everything that requires human engagement may soon be replaced with devices that can be controlled remotely. However, this is not an easy task because automatization requires flawless development and testing. While we are already able to take advantage of smartphones, flying drones, smart houses, and even smart cities, engineers will dedicate all their efforts to make our lives even more digitized in 2018.

Artificial intelligence

The need for AI evolution is higher than you may think. Artificial Intelligence depends on how progressive is the human intelligence. It is closely intertwined with IoT, as devices get smarter with humans as well. A lot of industries are able to prosper with AI integrated. It may save thousands of hours, reduce cost of production, and provide people with more secure and enjoyable experiences at work.

The world already talks about robots. Who would knew that “Bicentennial Man” movie would become reality one day? Now we can witness the latest trends in IT technology like Sofia — the robot which speaks publicly about Elon Musk. We can also buy robots which were created for domestic purposes. These helper-bots are able to do chores for you (as is the case with autonomous vacuum cleaners), but are not limited to this functionality. Pepper and Nao, which were created by SoftBank — are more than helpers. These robots are as interactive as humans, are able to communicate, understand emotions, and adapt to complex environments. Imagine how hard it is to create such a sophisticated device. On the other hand, it’s great to be able to take advantage of this latest technology trend at home or at your working place.

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Rooted technology trends: data analysis and machine learning

With trending software technologies always come large volumes of data. Large companies collect it and make sure every user knows that from Terms and Conditions. However, the volume of data grows and accumulates constantly, which makes the work of data scientists even harder. Humans are not physically capable of processing as much information as there already exists, and the question is — what data should be collected and why? This is fundamental for making data analysis automatic. Creating software that can substitute human labor and reduce the workload volumes is a good plan. Yet, huge work needs to be done for that in 2018 and further.

We create computers and they work just fine with our help, but not all of us are aware that they are able to become smarter autonomously without any human intrusion. On the verge of trending software technologies, we almost forgot about such an important constituent as machine learning. It shows tremendous progress for the last couple of years and is far beyond the PCs and laptops we use on a daily basis. Machine learning grows bigger in the direction of robotics and smart cities. This is another reason for businesses to rejoice and exploit the technology at their advantage.

Quantum encryption

Cybersecurity is paramount in the enterprise world. Constant hacks and breaches made it almost impossible to be totally sure that your service is safe. Computers evolve along with the software, and for hackers this creates new ways of cracking standard internet security codes. However, with more sophisticated ways of hacking always come smarter ways of protection.

Quantum encryption is one of the most important breakthroughs. This emerging technology trend has a goal to make hacking impossible. While classical encryption is based on mathematical models, quantum encryption is more of a physical notion. With quantum encryption, all our online operations, including bank transactions, purchases, and medical records are safely encoded. Hackers are not able to read these random-looking ciphers. For engineers, this is a very handful solution which ensures a solid protection for complex software. The need for cybersecurity experts is huge as for now and it will grow even bigger in the further years. Quantum encryption is not yet able to support such basic pieces of information as video streaming or telephone calls. But we are moving in the right direction.

Following the trending software technology: digital currency

Digital currency has made the boom in the world where everyone strives for more secure and smart business management. The blockchain is not the latest technology trend, but as one of the most prominent technological solutions for the security goal, it provides numerous possibilities for business-owners. With its help they are able to create new highly-productive strategies and eliminate mediators in relationships. If yesterday we heard about the first successful blockchain deals, today we can already track how the technology rapidly spreads into healthcare, education, logistics, and even state services.

Technologies do move at the high speeds and they are not miraculous fables of sci-fi movies any more. Our lives and businesses do prosper thanks to digitization. Today’s experts in IT and engineering are ready for challenges. We know that for sure thanks to our team of 250+ professionals, who are excited to work on your idea. Contact us for more information, rapid development, and testing of your technology!

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