Top Reasons Why You Still Aren’t an Employed Tester


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It may happen you’ve applied for job online and sent your CV to many testing service corporations repeatedly but aren’t even getting any calls for interview. Or you’ve attended a few interviews already but not received a job offer from any of them, let alone from a large testing service corporation.

Have you tried to seriously think about why this happens so often and why there is still no company to give you a start in a software testing career.

The reasons behind this situation can be different. Let’s see what exactly holds you back from your dream job. Hopefully, after reading these you’ll be able to answer those questions by yourself.

Main Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting That Job:

  • In most cases it’s not your passion about the job that drives your decision to become a tester but somebody’s advice or success stories about being a software tester. That won’t do. Your passion should motivate and nothing else.
  • You are unconfident in your powers. Prepare for the interview and behave confidently.
  • As they say the first gained impression is the most lasting, you should make a good first impression on your potential employer, and the best way to do this is to prepare a we-formatted CV. Also make sure it sticks to some specific points, too.
  • Don’t try to spring your CV with some complimenting details which are not true about you. Be ready to answer for each word in your CV if necessary, because that is the basis for your interviewer’s questions to you. Thus, write only true facts and things you are confident about.
  • You may not be prepared for an interview for it can be your very first, and apparently nobody can be fully ready, but it’s a must for you to cover the software testing basics.
  • You don’t analyze their job requirements thoroughly when applying for a job. Do this every time to see if their requirements actually match with the points in your profile. It’s a good practice to tailor your CV for an offer you are applying for, too. Also, you should try to predict some questions the interviewer might ask you based on their requirements.
  • Adding fake experience won’t do you any good if you won’t be able to prove it.
  • You may lack IT background and knowledge of testing to start a QA career right now. Educate yourself on this topic and apply only for junior positions from the start.
  • You think it’s easy to do a career in testing and it’s the best option for you because you believe anyone can test software.
  • You lack experience and practical knowledge, so you couldn’t prove your point with proper examples while answering questions.
  • If you didn’t care to pay attention to the domain or area the company’s working in, this could be the reason you hadn’t anticipated some interview questions.

Don’t get this post too personally, because the main point of writing it was not to underestimate your abilities but to provide you with some guidelines you could keep in mind for getting better prepared for a QA interview.

Good luck!

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