Top QA Trends for 2013-2014

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 12/9/2013

Top QA Trends for 2013-2014

QA trends

Software testing is an essential stage of software development employed immediately after the development stage. It is aimed at detecting errors and defects in the product in order to improve it and ship in the best condition.

Testing has evolved into a wide domain in the last few years bringing forth many innovative issues and developing its own aspects and tendencies.

The following is the list of software testing trends that testers all over the world are most concerned with lately.

  1. Cross Cloud Testing

Not many efforts have been taken to standardize the communication patterns and data formats across multiple cloud platforms before. Nonetheless, in 2013 more and more testers are getting involved in cross cloud testing of software. Standardizing communication patterns among different cloud systems ensures the data security and lets developers run software on several clouds simultaneously.

  1. Crowd Testing

Welcomed by freelancers around the globe, crow testing approach is gaining popularity. Since the testers demand much less salary for their service, this trend significantly thrifts software companies’ budget for development. Though being detrimental for quality maintenance, there’s no sign that crowd testing is going to cease in the following years.

  1. Data Driven Testing

This approach has already been quite topical in the framework of test automation which is widely executed among the modern-time quality assurance methods. The advantage of data driven testing is that it provides an opportunity to test the product functionality with several data sets by means of only one script.

  1. Exploratory Testing

The method of exploratory testing helps development teams reduce development time and deliver faster results. Now, that agile development is getting widely practiced, this trend is particularly relevant and helpful.

  1. Mobile Testing

It’s no secret that mobile devices are thriving nowadays forcing developers and testers adapt to the demands of thousands mobile users. Vendors already experiment on incorporating clouds and business management tools in mobile devices, but this leads to inevitable data security concerns. However, the greatest challenge for mobile software testing is cross-platform software responsiveness across Android, iOS and Blackberry. Therefore, mobile app testing is mostly concerned in functionality and integration testing.

These are the main quality assurance trends getting popular in 2013 and expected to evolve in 2014 furthermore. On the one hand new demands and trends cause new issues that have to be solved, while on the other hand such tendencies demonstrate the importance to involve the whole development team in the testing process as well as allow testers to participate in the product development.

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