Top A/B Tests That Are So Close Under Your Nose You Could Have Missed Them!


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Usability Testing

A/B testing is one of the most required testing services as for today. A/B testing is a great mean in achieving multiple goals whether they are marketing or are rooting from a fairly different domain. If used right A/B may lead you way further than you have ever expected, but there are always things that should have been considered and they tempt to be only after it is already late and you are down to questioning yourself: how could I miss something as obvious?

Free sells

Using the word ‘free’ in your ad may seem overused and even cliché and, apparently nobody is falling for such things today. Well, you’d be surprised. After all, if the scheme has works successfully since men were still living in caves what may have changed over a year or so? Mankind is always willing to get more and pay less, its human nature and, hopefully, nothing will change that. Ever.

Sign up that is always around

Try making your ‘sign up’ button scroll down along with your site’s visitor. This may help quite a lot especially if there is some part encouraging a visitor to sign up with ease in the bottom left corner of your page (that is of some reasons interesting to your visitor) and he will be simply too lazy to scroll all the way up to do so.

Less fields to fill and more space in between

It’s not even worth mentioning that Internet has made people lazy. They simply don’t like to put in a lot of effort and typing personal data in is quite an effort for any average user. But one more thing people hate more than many fields to fill it’s the lack of space between them. If you are positive you do require many personal data, try dividing all into blocks or even to separate pages with appropriate blocks. This seems crazy, but it still works in most cases.

Free trial VS Refunds

A free trial and a money back guarantee seem as quite the same thing as, in whether the case, users are only paying for software they have already tested and are happy with. But this seemingly similar analogy is never working in the same way. It’s hard to say which one your target audience will prefer (although most people enjoy the free trial much more) without proper A/B testing.

How long should the trial be?

Actually most A/B tests are not showing any visible difference in front-end conversions, but, if you have a 10 day trial it may still be more beneficial than a 20 day trial within other areas of your interest. How so? Mostly, when people have more time to play with your software for free they are not feeling the need to do so right away and may simply forget they have some new amazing solution installed, and if they are placed in a time that is a bit more limited they will feel the urge to experience all of your software’s potential.

Some other ideas for you not to miss while performing A/B tests:

  • Tell people how much free is worth (meaning your ad has to define that users are getting a free trial of a 30$ worth application now)
  • Time-based bonuses might work a bit better, try them out!
  • Test button colors
  • Have a video explaining how your software works and why’s it worth attention
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