Top 8 Mobile Emulators to Make Your Web Site Mobile-Friendly

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/19/2013

Top 8 Mobile Emulators to Make Your Web Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Emulators to Make Your Web Site Mobile-FriendlyMobile devices have spread greatly in a last few years and are about to crowd out laptops and computers from our personal lives. The majority of searches nowadays are maintained through smartphones and tablets, and more and more Internet activities of users are done on mobile platforms. Therefore, it has become significantly important to adopt web sites for smartphones and tablets in order to reach a wide audience.

To make a web page mobile-friendly, it is necessary to test it across different mobile platforms. To simplify this process mobile phones emulators have been introduces. These enable testing websites on one device applying the environments of such mobile platforms as Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and others. They are perfect for measuring the functionality and responsiveness of web sites on several mobile platforms at a time on both QWERTY and touch-based devices.

Let’s have a look at the most popular mobile emulators available in the market today. They are presented in alphabetical order here.

  1. GomezThis emulator checks mobile compatibility of your web site and judges its potential by giving it 1 to 5 scores after analyzing it according to 30 variable parameters.
  2. iPad PeekOn this emulator you can see what you web site will look like on iPad and decide its mobile compatibility.
  3. iPhone TesterThe emulator checks the compatibility of a site on iPhones. It shows a real-time preview of a web site on an iPhone screen if you only put the URL of your site into its search box.
  4. iPhoneyThis tool allows not only checking compatibility, but also creating mobile-friendly web sites for iPhone. Besides it enables testing the code, images and functionality of a site in iPhone environment.
  5. Mobile Phone EmulatorThis emulator is extensively used by developers as it checks a site’s compatibility on a wide range of mobile platforms such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung and others.
  6. MobiReadyThis one works much like Gomez but provides a wider range of parameters for estimation including compliance parameters and provides a detailed error report as well. It may be also used as a handy code checker.
  7. ResponsivepxThis tool is great for checking the responsiveness of your web site’s design and its adaptability. You can compare its functionality and appearance across multiple handheld devices.
  8. ScreenflyThis is one of the best emulators for preview of your site on a variety of non-traditional mobile screens. It has various customizations and checks if your site is compatible across a big number of mobiles.

Though this is not a complete list of tools for cross-platform testing of web sites on mobile devices, it presents a good basis and a considerable help for this purpose. Remember that our future is mobile, so make sure you’ve tested your site’s compatibility with mobiles.

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