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Top 3 Reasons for Not Automating Tests

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/20/2014

Top 3 Reasons for Not Automating Tests

Though existing for quite a long time already, test automation is practiced not consistently enough. You can hear a lot of testers’ arguments about why they fail to automate their tests, and the most popular of them are featured below. However, these reasons are often exaggerated and do not reflect the reality.

Top Reasons:

1.       ‘Test automation takes my job away’.

You are wrong if you are afraid to lose your tester’s job being replaced by automated tests. Testing is intellectual activity which requires someone to decide what to automate before the automation itself. You should remember that test automation doesn’t think for itself – it merely checks the situations you defined, and that’s why additional manual testing always matters.

2.        ‘I don’t know how to start’.

In this case you need to explore first. Investigate test automation to see what it can do and how it has worked before moving to what help it can provide in your situation. Assuming that automating test is first of all an investment, find out what parts need automation. To define the important and risky parts of the product it’s recommended to perform some product risk analysis. Another very likely test automation candidate is a manual test case that is often repeated. You don’t have to start with complex tasks at once, first work on simple test automation in order to prove the business case on automated testing and then expand.

3.       ‘I’m not a coder’.

This is not enough reason to ignore automation since you needn’t do it all yourself. As a tester you should only help to decide on the test scripts to be automated. However in case you really want to do test automation yourself, some investment is required from you. Knowing programming basics will be enough. While most frameworks helping with test automation require no in-depth programming skills, for carrying out some valuable automation you’ll need at least the basics.

As we can see, these excuses are often strained and do not make much sense. Test automation is essential practice saving resources, but it needs requires manual maintenance nevertheless.

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