Top 10 Automated Software Testing Tools to Ensure the Highest Quality

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on 11/21/2017

Top 10 Automated Software Testing Tools to Ensure the Highest Quality

With the debates on Automated vs Manual testing, software testing is still shifting towards automation. The demand and supply for automation tools and automated testing services continue to grow. Not surprising, because on average, a $2 bug missed on the requirements stage will cost you $2K upon release. Find out how to level the possible risks and how to save your budget with timely quality.

With many great automated testing tools in software testing presented on the market, the question of choosing the best one for software testing and QA is often being raised on forums and communities.

Here’s a list of best automation testing tools:

  1.   Selenium – Web Browser Automation
  2.   QTP/UFT – HP Unified Functional Testing
  3.   TestComplete – Automated Software Testing Tool for UI
  4.   Ranorex – GUI Test Automation Framework
  5.   Watir – Web Application Testing In Ruby
  6.   SahiPro – Automation Testing Tool
  7.   Telerik – UI controls and Reporting
  8.   TestingWhiz – Automated Software, Web & Mobile Testing Tool
  9.   Katalon Studio – Automated Testing Tool for Web, Mobile and API Testing
  10.   Appium – Mobile App Automation Framework

We’ve prepared this article with automated software testing tools comparison to help you get a grasp of the most popular solutions. Below you will find open source and commercial tools that provide cross-platform automated testing and those that are focused on mobile testing mainly. We hope that list that was made considering the preferences of the software testing leaders will become a good starting point before making a final choice.

1. Selenium – Web Browser Automation

Selenium provides a set of tools to create a framework for web applications testing. It is an open-source product that was originally developed as a tool for internal needs. Now it’s the most popular and widely used software for automated browser testing.

Selenium is compatible with many browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome) and platforms (Windows, Linux, Apple OS X). That means you can perform cross-browser and cross-platform web application testing.

Its browser add-on Selenium IDE offers record and playback option that is easy to use and doesn’t require knowledge of the scripting language. Selenium WebDriver provides opportunities for more complex and advanced automation scripts.

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2. QTP/UFT (HP Unified Functional Testing)

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is a software that provides testing for desktop, web, and mobile applications. UFT is mainly used for functional and automated regression testing.

The list of the techs supported by HPE includes SAP, Delphi, Net, ActiveX, Flex, Java, Oracle, Mobile, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Siebel, Stingray, Visual Basic.

As a licensed automated software testing tool it provides professional customer support.

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3. TestComplete – Automated Software Testing for UI

TestComplete is a functional testing tool that can automate testing for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

It supports different testing techniques such as keyword-driven testing, data-driven testing, regression testing, and distributed testing. With the script-free record-and-replay function, even testers without coding skills can easily perform automated UI testing. TestComplete provides functionality for automated unit testing by accessing internal methods of applications or running tests created by third-party frameworks and tools.

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4. Ranorex – GUI Test Automation Framework

Ranorex is a tool for all-in-one GUI testing. It helps to execute automated tests throughout all environments and devices.

What helps Ranorex beat other GUI testing tools is its Smart object recognition feature. It detects changes in the UI and ensures the test goes on. RanoreXPath technology that is used in this feature reduces the effort of test maintenance and makes the testing of user interfaces easier.

Ranorex offers tools for codeless test creation that makes it easy to use even without the knowledge of coding. For more advanced users the tool offers its test automation API.

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5. Watir – Web Application Testing In Ruby

Watir is an open-source framework to automate web application testing. The tool supports a web application regardless of which technology an app is designed with.

The test scripts are written in Ruby language. That makes Water simple to use especially for Ruby developers.

Being an open source product, Watir is free and has an active and growing community behind it. It is called the best automation testing tool for Internet Explorer. Among the companies who use or have used Watir, you can meet Yahoo, Facebook, Slack and other famous brands. Watir is also used within the Dedicated Team model in testing and QA outsourcing.

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6. SahiPro – Automation Testing Tool

Sahi is an out-of-the-box tool to automate testing of web and desktop applications. On the website, it is positioned as a tool for testers. The idea behind SahiPro is that automation tools should speed up the working process of testers.

Sahi emerged as an open source product. Later in demand of numerous users, a commercial version was launched.

Sahi Pro supports multiple browsers and platforms. Its notable features include accessory identification, record, and playback on any browser, no ajax timeout issues, end to end reporting, powerful scripting and inbuilt excel framework.

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7. Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is a Windows-based tool for web and desktop functional testing, software performance testing, load testing and mobile application testing.

Telerik Test Studio tool helps to automate tests for a wide range of technologies including HTML5, Angular, AJAX, JavaScript, Silverlight, WPF, MVC, Ruby and PHP, iOS, Android.

Telerik provides cross-browser support and is a record and playback tool. It allows you to schedule tests, execute multiple testing sessions at the same time and has robust test reporting features.

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8. TestingWhiz – Automated Testing Tool

TestingWhiz is a tool for UI, functional and database testing of the web, mobile, and cloud applications. The tool provides all features out of the box, therefore testers don’t need any programming skills to use it.

TestingWhiz provides such features as the inbuilt scheduler, image comparison, distributed execution, captcha automation as well as multiple browsers and language support.

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9. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a free test automation solution for mobile, web, and API testing. Katalon Studio allows automating most of the common functionalities of web and mobile apps without the coding experience.

The tool provides a comprehensive set of features for test automation, including recording actions, creating test cases, generating test scripts, executing tests, reporting results, and integrating with many other tools in the software development lifecycle.

Katalon Studio runs on both Windows and MacOS, supporting automated testing of iOS and Android apps, web applications on all modern browsers, and API services. It can integrate with tools such as JIRA, qTest, Kobiton, Git, and Slack.

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10. Appium – Automation Framework

Appium is an open-source test automation framework. It is mainly intended for mobile applications testing.

It supports automation of native, hybrid and mobile web applications built for iOS and Android. Appium uses vendor-provided automation frameworks and is based on client/server architecture.

Appium is easy to install and use. It has gained huge popularity and stability over last few years as one of the best mobile automation testing tools.

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The success of a research doesn’t always mean you choose one of the options that have been studied. When you are on tight schedules to complete your projects you may find that it’s better not to waste time choosing the best automated software testing tools but to outsource automated testing to software testing companies, who are already expert in all types of testing you can only imagine.

In the long run, the goal of every business is to deliver a top quality product to a customer, that is why testing can never be neglected. Contact us to know more about the use of testing services to ensure the smooth and secure functioning of your software.

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