Top 10 Advices You Need to Succeed in Software Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/22/2013

Top 10 Advices You Need to Succeed in Software Testing

Software testing is an exciting and interesting process that can become a real joy if you do things right. The main goal of every successful tester is constant skill improvement, resulting in decreased time, costs and efforts expenses on every particular project. This article will depict 10 obvious yet efficient tips on this from TestFort testing team.

Steps to sucess in software testing:

  1. Have all the things written. Even if you understand your manager/colleague in full and are able to reproduce your recent conversation in details, will you be able to remember all the details in a month? Having all the results written down in your email inbox will be a nice backup.
  2. Pay some time to stop wasting it. There is a plenty of daily routine that takes a cut of your productive time. Spend a couple of hours writing scripts to automate all the things you regularly do, even the 3-click operations. Having them all done by clicking once will save you dozens of hours in perspective.
  3. Always look from different angles. Your approach may be right and efficient, yet is may still miss some points. Try different points of view and approaches to maximize your testing output. Running another cycle of checks is better than publishing a product with unseen bugs in the code.
  4. Learning must not stop. Ever. New convenient tools and apps for testing automation appear regularly. Old trusted ways are good, but having mastered the newest and the most efficient tools will keep you riding the edge of the tide.
  5. Do not be afraid to admit mistakes. Facing them and correcting them is much better than avoiding responsibility, as you will most likely do the same mistakes again. Continuous revising of the accomplished tasks keeps you confident and staying the high ground.
  6. Be at the project source. Hearing the exact task from the customer and knowing out all the detail allows to know 100% sure what you are doing. Hearing even the most detailed report of your manager always may lead to some details missing.
  7. Note your findings and insights. Same as with correspondence, all your little achievements and findings should be written down. From simple little scripts to do certain commands to exquisite coding able to perform series of texting – everything should be stored and ready for immediate usage if need be.
  8. Communicate more, talk less. While communication is crucial for success in every area, chatting without topic is just a waste of time. Learn to express your thoughts in a laconic and understandable way; this will be a great boost for your reputation and career.
  9. Top managers should remember you. No matter how good your manager is to you, being his colleague is better than being his employee. Professional growth in IT depends largely on the speed you learn and the skills you have, but being noticed and valued by your top-management is a great achievement.
  10. Software testing should be a joy. Doing daily routine is not enough for progress, as you will remain on the same level forever. When you start finding joy in testing and things go smoother, your job becomes a hobby you are paid for. That is just superb!

Spend some of your time reading on a regular basis. The more things on QA and testing you know, the better for you. Read books, news, articles and software testing blogs and stay tuned!

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