All The Tools You’ve Ever Dreamed About While Testing Mobile App Performance, Part 1


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If you are really to make sure you app is as fast as it takes, as strong as it takes, as scalable as it takes you are in for some Performance Testing. And you can’t test any performance without appropriate tools right? Well here are some you may find useful:

Open-Source Tools

  • Bees with Machine Guns. I’d even call this tool my favorite just because of the awesome name. But it’s not all this utility has to offer. Far from all even. You will be creating lots of bees (not actual bees, just some micro EC2 instances) and you will arm them and lead your warriors to assault and load test your app. I mean a bee army! Can testing get cooler?
  • Siege. This utility will be load testing your http as well as benchmarking. The utility is supporting some cookies, authentication, HTTP as well as HTTPS protocols thus allowing developers to test their code and to see will it be capable of dealing with the load Internet has to offer.
  • Apache Bench. This is a tool for you to, well, benchmark your Apache HTTP Server.
  • MultiMechanize. This is a nice open-source framework that will equip you well for both load and performance testing. The load against your server or site with assistance of it’s concurrent Python scripts.

Tools as a service

  • Soasta. This platform will allow you to build and execute performance tests and to analyze them afterwards. All that functional in one place. Neat.
  • Apica-Load-Test. This is a cloud-based service for you to load test your mobile and web apps.

Client side performance testing

That is basically the first part of what you may need for mobile application performance testing. Keep an eye open for part 2!

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