Open Source Tools You Will Love to Have for Your Test Management Sessions


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The process of test together with test case execution tracking and documentation is called test management. Surely there are many tools available to assist testers with this process hence both automated and manual tests are managed with more ease. That is if the right tool is chosen.

Which tools may be required?

There are times when test scenarios are complex meaning require to be defined and teams require performing tests against different configurations. Such situations will require tools that are more advanced. Such tools will also keep track of different milestones, will provide statistical data as well as detailed reports, etc. Are there any open source tools that will fit your team’s requirements? Perhaps, the decision is for you to make. But here are several tools you may choose from. Maybe they will do the trick for you:

  • Mozilla Testopia. An extension for the well known Bugzilla, Testopia is a nice tool to do your test case management. Its design allows it to be a nice generic tool made for tracking your test cases and organizations are allowed to integrate defect reports into test case run process results.
  • Bromine. Selenium RC is this tools testing engine. Hence tests are being created within Selenium IDE format. Afterwards they are being uploaded directly to Bromine.
  • Radi. A nice tool of light weight. Generally it is a pretty test management tool with additional features of requirements management as well as bug-tracking.
  • Salome-TMF. This is an independent tool for, obviously, test management. The tool will assist you all the way through your testing process. Script creation, test execution, result tracking and produce documentation: it’s all there.
  • Test Case Web. This is an online test management as well as tracking system. PHP and SQL are on it’s back-end.
  • TestLink. Another web-based tool that provides test plans, specifications, reporting, requirements specification and executing features.
  • TET. TET aka Test Environment Toolkit as a product is an unsupported command-line tool.
  • Tarantula. This tool’s source code found its place on GitHub allowing a far more easier collaboration.

Hopefully you have found exactly what you were looking for. Perhaps you have any other tools you currently are using and are pleased with? Please share them in the comments!

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