To Cloud or Not to Cloud? 4 Actual Reasons to Join Cloud Services


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Cloud-DevicesThe basic lack of understanding of the cloud services is very much about only a few issues like price, property and security. Would you like to know more?

  1. Security. Lots of people think that it’s safer to store data on their personal PC’s or laptops. Yeah, very nice. Especially if you get robbed, loose your laptop after a wild drink-all-night party and there are other factors like circuit shortage, computer viruses, storms, earthquakes or the worst of all: your lovable kids playing … You do store your money in a bank rather than in a pillow, do you? So what’s the difference? The data will be safe and sound up there in the clouds.
    Of course there are recent scandals about the evil NSA folk who are keeping track of all the digital info simple users poses. I can advise you only one thing: if you really are the real-deal terrorist with all the bombs and screaming and stuff – don’t store your “work-related” data on cloud services. And quit being a terrorist, that ain’t cool, dude! But if you are one of us, the peace-loving people do you really think actual spies and governmental agencies will be interested in your bathroom selfies?
  2. Alertness. Would you like Charlie Manson to nurse your beloved grandma? I seriously doubt he will also be the babysitter of the year choice. So mind the reputation of the cloud solutions you are referring to. Solves lots of problem and complaints, really. The thing is that if someone really needs the mentioned above selfies it’s easier for him to break into your house than to steel them from the Cloud. I mean, sure, such occasions happen but it’s like plane crushes. They do happen, the results are devastating, yet it still remains the safest way to travel. Choose wisely and the data is all up to you to use, share and save space. Do you even know the cost of some high-quality software testing? Good companies don’t just pay these money for no reason.
  3. Price. What are you paying for? For quality, of course. You do have your car insured and keep making regular payments, don’t you? Same here. It takes some money to ensure your data backup, high accessibility and high availability. You also can’t forget the software testing cost. And you do need those for your comfort, right?
  4. Trust. This whole thing won’t work if you don’t trust your provider. Tons of users are scared to bids that their data will be watched or sold over. And you know what? It is plausible. But that is not such a big deal after all, the same thing happens to your cash in the banks. The thing is whether your data will be returned to you in one piece. That’s trust.
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