Tips to improve software testing skills and testing process


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Software testing services process is considered to be a part of software development life-cycle. It is true without doubt. However, it is big mistake to consider that this type of testing doesn’t need new practices since it works as just a part of development process. It is important to be informed about new testing methodologies and software to keep improving your testing prowess.

Nowadays a lot of nearshore development companies use outdated software testing practices. As a result end users get poor applications with a lot of bugs and insufficient user interface. That’s why it is really important to improve both testing skills and testing process.

How to improve Software Testing Process?

The following measures will help your organization to improve the software testing process:

  • The first thing you should take care about is to provide full and complete understanding of project for each member of your testing team. It would be perfect if testers will be able to participate in all meetings, conversations and discussions concerning the project.
  • Make sure your testers are ready for changes. Although every testing project has its testing plan it might be changed at any time in order to follow cutting edge technologies and new methods of testing.
  • On the other side, you should think twice before implementing any changes into your testing plan to avoid making blunders.
  • Try to avoid any shunting within your testing team. Assign your testers for duration of entire project execution.

How to improve Software Testing Skills?

  • Make sure that your testers have in-depth knowledge of the software or application they are testing.
  • You should provide friendly connection between development team and testing team in order to eliminate personal reasons of insufficient bug fixing.
  • Do not claim from your testers for 100% bug free applications. It’s impossible.
  • Knowledge of application doesn’t mean anything without domain knowledge of your testers.
  • Provide your testers with ability to participate in different trainings and working seminars.

Improving testing skills of your testers is as important as improving testing process. The tips above will help you with that.

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