Tips to Ensure Smart User Testing at Each Development Stage


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software testingIf you are set to keep your plans in line with end user expectations, user testing along each stage of your product’s development process you company maintains is your surefire option. By integrating the approach of testing and optimization right from the beginning of your new initiative you significantly reduce the possibility of running into big roadblocks or disappointing responses upon reaching the finish. Besides, you will be able to back up the presentation of your product with tested certainty when there is a need to navigate the questions raised in the course of executive reviews as well as make up a business case catering for even more skeptical stakeholders.

The following are test-friendly stages of the development cycle and the tips for executing user testing at each.

  • Planning
    At the outset of every project, your company undoubtedly executes some analysis, requirements gathering or market research. During build out the roadmap, it’s advisable to do some remote user testing in order to gain more insight that can help you make up detailed user stories and personalities.
  • Design
    Moving to the designing stage, it’s essential to remember that getting feedback often and early is necessary. The earlier in the process your team narrows down the concepts and improves the designs, the better, because this part of each project can be time consuming and complex.
  • Prototyping
    In order to avoid bottlenecks in the development process it’s critical to promote feedback on the flows of your key users. This is where the rubber meets the road for most stakeholders since critical components of successful rollouts are dependent on understanding functionality the first time round.
  • Development
    At this stage companies often Run into the roadblocks with their engineering teams and hope to better understand weak user stories in order to let their developers know what is needed. However reviewing user tests in a team is able to make a clear picture how to turn their ideas into reality for everyone involved.
  • Release
    If you have made some changes based on the previous feedback round in the last minutes, then it is the ideal time for testing them out. Besides validating prior work, it’s recommended also to take the time for documenting overlooked areas as well as reprioritize subsequent releases after release.
  • Optimization
    It may seem a nonsense, but at times the tiniest changes lead to great results. Therefore, by attempting remote user testing in your current optimization planning your company could save loads of money and time.

To sum it up, short, manageable pieces of software testing can often produce a very powerful insight as well as help to maintain your resources, budget and reduces the time of development. Choosing the route of spreading out the testing for the purpose of staying within scope, your company will also find for sure that tracking feedback throughout the development process can result in a more viable and strong end product. Our software testing consulting services are provided to help you implement your testing ideas into life with minimum costs and maximum quality.

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