Tips On Facilitation For The Real Masters of SCRUM


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Nobody’s ever taught me that

Why hire dedicated team when you can make one? That’s why SRUM masters are on their places, right? So you are a SCRUM master? A difficult job as it is, really. And is full of things nobody will ever show-&-tell you whatsoever. Facilitation is actually one of such topics. I wouldn’t dare give any practical advises in this particular field due your knowledge may equal mine or even be superior since I’m not a SCRUM master and I never was. Plus there are resources that will be doing that in the best way possible. Hope they will help you on your search for perfect facilitation in your team.

The list

All of the recourses that are listed are absolutely free of charge and may present great value as an addition to stuff you already know. Or might not, yet they still remain free and worth a shot.

  • Facilitation Tool Kit. This was written by experts from Wisconsin-Madison University. That is actually a PDF file that contains seas of knowledge about the subject matter. The info, techniques, etc. are all there, gathered in one place awaiting for you to discover the world of facilitation.
  • Role of a facilitator. One more well written article that may help you much and even more. Plus it has lots of useful links attached, thus even more help will be received there. And it is interesting by itself. Enjoy.
  • Quick Reference guide for Facilitators. Not too sure if this is a swell example by the way. Yes it contains some useful things you may appreciate and use yet it’s a bit off topic if you ask me. Cheesy examples, etc. The discussions and techniques are something worth attention. That’s pretty much it.
  • The Curtail Conversations book by the authorship of 4 specialists is available in Amazon. This is off topic as well yet is a splendid book on improving communicative skills. Then you will be able of using them for effective facilitation.

Yes the list is not too long. But it is containing lots of useful information and can be a splendid stepping stone for you to move from.

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