Tips for a successful software services startup

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/23/2014

Tips for a successful software services startup

sturtupOnce launching a software services startup, business development is an essence. There are several factors that can prevent you from succeeding, such as limited investment or insufficient qualified personnel. Business development is very important, as it provides a cash flow, thus, your software development company depends on a devoted team of business development and dedicated sales professionals. This is a non-stop process. They all need to work hard in order to succeed.

There are several tips for the ones who want to succeed in that business:

  1. Love what you do.

No need to mention that you need to love what you do, as you are going to devote a lot of time and money on it. Thus, this is really important when you are deeply involved and dedicated into the business.

  1. Create a team.

You shouldn’t do it all alone. You need to have a team that you can share ideas with or simply share the sadness of possible failures or joy of success. Also you cannot be an expert in all spheres, thus you need to hire a professionals that will be responsible for the particular area.

  1. Enlarge what you give.

Looking and finding new clients is always a hard job. You may face a lot of disappointment while trying to involve new clients in LinkedIn or by other means, as you may receive zero responds.

The best way to enlarge and broaden the business is to extract more work from your present clients. You need to be very active while dealing with your clients, to play a strategic role as a service partner, take part in choosing the client’s strategy. You need to be very important for your clients, so they will develop your relationships rather than go and search for a new ones.

  1. Develop your team’s expertise.

Your engineers might be very well at certain specializations, but the industry develops day by day and you need to follow it up. Also it is significant to indicate the particular expertise and specialization which your team specialize in. This will help to target and get the right clients.

  1. Meet the clients in person.

Of course you can communicate with your clients virtually, but in order to develop long-term relationships, it is better to meet in person. You can send your business development and sales representatives to take part in the foreign conferences to meet the clients and discuss business face-to-face.

  1. Constant communication.

Clients will feel more secure if you are aware of all business issues. You need to prove your credibility and dedication to the client and act like a professional.

  1. Do your homework.

You should be prepared all the time. For the client to believe in you and trust you, you need to be ready to show that things are going well. Sometimes you even need to present a list of ready projects or corporate presentations, case studies or references. So, be prepared.

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