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Software testing is constantly changing, shifting and evolving. It is only rational hence new tech is created every single day and somebody has to test all that goodness. Apparently watching out for the next big thing is a necessity within the profession you have chosen for yourselves. Surely some of the trends I will be mentioning are far from new but they are still evolving and are worth every second of your attention.

Let’s start within our comfort zone with the trends you are probably all aware of by now unless you have just hopped straight from a rescue helicopter that saved you from your stay on a deserted island for the last 10 years or so.

  • Mobile! Mobile devices are now the dominant species in the tech world and good old PC’s are the T-rex that somehow managed to survive the meteorite strike. However mobile devices still continue to illuminate all desktop competition and are seemingly doing a great job. Despite the spread of phones, tablets and phablets wearables are still not mainstream. Just wait until all the smart watches and glasses hit store shells. Experts are stating 40% of all wristwatch consumers will own a smart device. Hence knowledge of ‘mobility’ testing is far from simply a skill that is just pleasant to have today.Joke about t-rex

    (Just can’t avoid using this every time I talk about T-rexes, sorry)

  • Clouds! Cloud services are already mainstream. Cloud testing becomes a demanded skill today. So don’t forget to learn how to properly setup, manage and configure different test environments otherwise you are probably toast in a couple of years.

And now we can move on to some of the latest, hottest and newest trends in software testing that seem like something that will stick with you guys for quite a while:

  • Globalization! Today crowd-sourced testing is rising and so is independent testing. Today tech is breaking traditional borders and barriers of work environments we all are used to. Remote employment is common today and this trend will certainly go bigger. Nowadays skill tops geographical location, which I believe is a great thing. Companies simply do not require to narrow their search to just one geographical location.
  • Pair testing! This is just, wow! A thing that can be described only as “crazy enough to work”. Basically testers and developers are now not limited to communication via e-mail or some other faceless source of information delivery. Communication gap is close to being overcome hence testers are now often paired with developers which leads to cat and mouse spending more face-to-face time together working on a common goal. By the way this approach leads to amazing results: both sides are finishing their work faster than usual and are delivering better results.

That’s how things are going as for now. I will keep you updated if something new happens.

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