The Very First Bug

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 06/25/2014

The Very First Bug

Software bugs are a serious digital menace in the present advanced world. Tons of software solutions are being developed by tremendous amount of teams of specialists. An entire software testing empire has emerged on the program versus glitch battlefield. But what are these bugs actually?

Bugs are the result of men involved in programming. A reflection of a mistake in the code, missed by the loving eye of the program’s developer. You can’t get away from it as you can’t eliminate the human factor from programming. But why are they actually called bugs?

The paradox is that the word came from something people had no relation to. Early in the day, when the dinosaurs still walked the Earth and the computers were the size of a luxury penthouse apartments and had light bulbs (yeah, they really had them once) they produced a lot of warmth. So various moth and flies were extremely attracted to them. They fly between the circuits shortening them and causing computer malfunctions.

One of such moth was found between the computer relays on September 9, 1945 by a US navy officer Grace Hopper. For sure bugs were found in such places earlier, but she was the first to mention it in a diary and making it, as we would now say, viral. Afterwards the word became more and more popular, until it became what it is now: a term known to everybody, who had to deal with software, firmware, OS or other various gadgets and devices.

By the way, that woman was one of the first actual computer geeks and a creator of COBOL, the first compiler for a computer language.

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