The Importance of Having Appropriate QA Documentation


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Why is documenting relevant? Now that’s an easy one. First of all it saves time. Secondly – money. Thirdly it makes life fairly easier. You see documentation allows tester specialist to save lots of effort, can systematize the entire process of testing, provide all of the required information about the project itself, and it’s much better that verbal communication particularly for business. Just remember how many times have you heard words like: “I’ve never said that!” or “that’s not what I meant!” from your bosses, clients, coworkers, etc. It’s really nice to have something that can prove your point instead of just bubbling pointlessly.

Any self-respecting project documentation has to be shaped of the test plan, test strategy, walkthrough and requirements. Thus it will be easy to follow through the entire procedure for both testers, project managers and the clients. Such documentation will even make feed-back almost pleasant and comfortable.

Expect for the mentioned above pluses your team will gain some extra advantages by using documentation that was done in a proper way.

  • Splendid marketing strategy: You’ll be surprised, but software testing documentation, after a magic wave of a decent specialists wand, can be transformed in a one hell-of-a-deal business sales and marketing strategy. The thing is that it’s like born to show the priorities of keeping the project in a good condition. And wielding that information can actually do the trick.
  • A great way of calculating the project’s deadline: It’s easier to determine the deadline when you are aware of the project’s coverage. And it is far simpler to scope the whole thing, separate the necessary from the rubbish and to manage your time properly. Managed time equals you are not being late, the client is happy and you have a nice salary bonus that makes you even happier.
  • Training your rookies: If you have all the project logs and documents properly stored and formalized you have the best textbook ever. Shure general information, tactics and knowledge are awesome assistants but this is hard earned practical experience. No book can get in comparison to that. So you will have your new specialist skilled and ready for duty in no time.
  • Deletes precariousness: The Alfa and Omega of your documentation purposes is getting rid of all the uncertainties relating to the end product. It’s also extremely handy to resolve all the coming up issues.

So having all the documentation done and done in an appropriate way takes your QA project up to an entirely new level, with new perspectives, clients, money, etc. It’s shameful that the colossal amounts of good templates all around the Web make good companies kick back and relax, instead of working even harder. Underestimating QA documentation can be a crucial mistake to an entire IT company.

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