The Butterfly Effect In QA


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The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly EffectSmart people are saying, that in theory, a wave of the butterfly’s wing in Ohio can eventually cause a tsunami somewhere in Japan. That is the so called ‘butterfly effect’. But how does it affect testing?

We are living in a world that you may find beautiful if you are a fan of constant changes. Technology is constantly gaining more and more weight in our lives. Humanity is becoming more and more dependent from IT. Internet nowadays allows you to do lots and more of your daily tasks without even getting out of home. But that also has a negative side. If something breaks or malfunctions it may cause colossal damage. Thus the pressure on the tester community is growing. Software quality assurance now has quality standards that are getting harder to achieve every day. That is the wave of the butterfly’s wing.

The impact on QA

Mankind now requires testers that are professionals of the highest standards. Lots of methodologies, techniques, tricks, tips and books are constantly coming out in order to improve skills of our testing. But that is not enough. The market is cruel and the next effective way of the flow of things will be having specialized institutions where people will be able to dedicate years studying testing.

And the process has already began. Back in 2012 a group from the Dutch Testing Society has begun working in this field. They are creating a special quality-slash-testing education program for universities and applied science universities. The group that is working on the project consists of both specialists of the education and testing fields.

The tsunami

Everybody needs to be prepared for this step of professional education. The step that is but a nasality for the IT society to take in order to be capable of facing newer issues. So the new 3.0 tester community will see the world in a couple of years. Thus we, the old-school guys, will have to brace ourselves and get as ready as possible for the new experiences, innovations and other. Watch out and don’t get washed away! Software quality assurance testing is gaining speed.

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