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The Business Side: How Profitable Is Software testing?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/1/2014

The Business Side: How Profitable Is Software testing?

Although Software Testing was not as popular, profitable and interesting as a field of business in the 90-es or even the 00-es it is becoming something big as for now. Let’s lake India for example. There is a Software Industry lobby existing called NASSCOM and by its researches $3.2 billion is the approximate amount of software business outsourced to Indian companies. And that number will be growing fast up to $13-15 billion by 2020 if things will be going the way they are now. And all those money are showing the Indian outsourcing market only. And there are still Canada, Poland, Ukraine, China, etc. You are seeing the big picture now, right?

Imagine the amount of software that is surrounding you on a daily basis. If we will even forget about tablets, computers and smartphones there are still planes, cars, power-plants, houses, hospitals, schools, markets, gush, even light bulbs. Software is relevant to governments, fire and police departments, military, practically everything. No wonder the requirement to its quality have grown.

Nowadays companies that are developing software are spending up to 25% of their entire budget on various kinds of testing. Mostly software testing services are being outsourced and offshored yet even if you are planning to have an in-side testing department be prepared that you are to hire qualified specialists as the companies paying for testing will require to be sure their money was spent on something worth-full.


People still remember the day when the profession of a software tester was not even as near to the potential and paychecks of actual developers. Software Testers had low prestige and a very low profile. And that happening was not too long ago, about 10 or so years only. Yet all that has changed now.

The salaries have increased dramatically over the years, the tester community has become well appreciated. New strategies and methodologies were developed in order for testing to become even better. Nowadays a lot of people actually wish to become software testers.


As you are seeing a lot of companies nowadays are turning to software testing services which you may provide. The field of testing has some pleasant dynamics, experienced specialists for hire and a new generation of people eager to work in this field, as it is a truly profitable area. I’d definitely go for it yet, wait, I’m already in it!

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