The Biggest Challenges Of Mobile Testing


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Mobile Application Testing

There are more and more mobile applications being developed, I will not be afraid of those words, by the minute. Apps that are helping people to wake up in the morning, to read the hottest news, to watch favorite shows, to smile over a kitten picture, etc. Many of those are helping with business and various chores. But, as the market grew over the past few years, so did the demand to the applications quality as users now know better and will not be using something raw or awkward while in use.

QA mobile testing is curtail as never! That is why a good app needs to be properly tested. And those quality standards have also grown over the past few years. But what are the biggest challenges of mobile app testing as for now?

  • Many available devices are making testing an actual pain. Many manufacturers are crafting various smartphones and tablets with different screen sizes and other stuffing like the CPU, RAM-memory, etc. And a good application needs to run on any device your end-user may possess, thus this is proudly mobile app testing issue number one these days.
  • Having just the right tool for testing near is quite an issue as well. They are just too narrow and are not allowing too much functional on various OS’s and devices, thus every app needs a set of testing tools of its own. And such tools are expensive.
  • Industries are not making testing easier by creating more and more OS’s every day. Sure there are always iOS and Android, which are, more or less, stable, yet what if you have a wider range of target audience. The total amount of OS’s and their versions and possible combination scenarios with your app may truly be limitless. All, that may be done here is knowing just the right OS you are developing your app for.
  • You know what? Those OS’s, even the most known ones tend to change way too often. Sure they are following the goal of satisfying their device user, yet what has a poor tester to do with all that? Lots of devices are getting outdated and away from the market every day. It’s just a thing you must get used to as progress is the engine of astonishing achievements and we can’t just quit becoming better.
  • Appropriate and skilled QA testers are also hard to find, by the way. You, my friend, present more value, you may count yourself for.
  • Sure one may say that Cloud services are solving lots of issues mentioned earlier. True, but Cloud computing has quite a range of issues on its own. Issues as:
    • Automation may prove to be more time-consuming than expected, and time, as always, is money
    • You as well as your testing team are not independent and if there is an internet connection issue emerging the deadlines may be wasted
    • Although Cloud services are generally lower in initial cost they are more expensive with the running cost
    • Cloud services are mostly granted on subscription basis

Generally such are the realities every mobile app tester is facing on a daily basis, thus all that is left for me to do is to wish you all the best of luck! You are doing a great job!

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