The Best Possible Plan 4 Mobile Testing


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Things are always to be started from a plan. Especially software testing, if you will be  expecting it to bring some value. But it’s easier said than done as plans, in turn require quite more than a set of sketches and ideas of things you simply wish to test.

Today, in the era of available mobile devices mobile applications are the key to success of many businesses and bright new ideas. But such applications are to be carefully tested for users to experience full might and potential of the application you are surely willing to offer your users. So you are to begin with a carefully crafted testing plan. That is precisely what we will be discussing in this post. Hints which will be improving your plan greatly. Hints as:

  • Consider all the possible ways you may use automation as it is quite faster and more efficient. Many parts may be united and automated for the process to flow better and such an approach may reduce costs for testing. Yet you are to always remember that not all may be automated so don’t try eliminating all manual testing. Never.
  • Don’t just consider splitting the code into several chunks as some additional work. There are many examples when software testing is highly more productive and effective that way.
  • Always keep a fact in mind that mobile client code is quite different from the code server offers due multiple restrictions that are put on any development platform as well as necessity of the app’s optimization and its tiny size.
  • The build as well as deploy processes are perfect for automation. Risks of human mistakes while testing will be reduced and the overall process will be, in fact, accelerated.
  • Consider issue addressing and identification and ways of optimizing this with most effective test output.
  • Consider all the tools you will be using, their effect on the general flow of testing, value and offered potential.

There are also tools that may be assisting you with creating your ultimate testing plan. All may not be listed here due their variety, but here are the aspects many tools may help you with:

  • Use tools that are capturing user-agent.
  • SMS messages are amazing for sending URLs and downloading links to various devices.
  • Use screen capture tools, especially tools with potential of gathering multiple screenshots into one display.
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