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Testing Tools Which Simplify Testing Process and Make QAs lives Easier

TestFort News Editor by TestFort News Editor on 12/3/2018

Testing Tools Which Simplify Testing Process and Make QAs lives Easier

Because there are hundreds of testing tools, to choose the appropriate ones for routine daily tasks is not easy enough. To make it easier, we’ve prepared the list of QA tools which we use regularly within the TestFort testing processes. These ones simplify our work and lower the time spent on small but meaningful testing actions. This article can be useful as for beginners as for skilled testers who strive to improve their work efficiency and productivity.

Regression testing is an integral part of each QA strategy when it comes to testing through web browsers. This type of activity can catch some time. The lack of convenient testing tools can increase this time by half. Nevertheless, for today, there is a wide range of web plugins and extensions which can fast the work significantly. Let us focus on them in more detail below.

Bug Magnet

Each tester came across checking particular types of fields in a web page registration form. The most significant from them are:

For this purpose, Bug Magnet is a perfect choice. It is available for Chrome as for FireFox. This testing tool allows testers to fill all required fields by different types of boundaries automatically, thus simplifying and speeding up the testing process.

The extension provides the opportunity to insert texts of various lengths with or without spaces, from 128 bytes to 64 kilobytes. Testers also can add their own config file where they can fill necessary values for checking any fields (required for separate projects).

Web Developer

This tool gained great popularity among experienced testers. It allows them to test web applications smoothly and speed up the process as it ideally suits to cross-platform testing type. It is available for Chrome and FireFox browsers.

Among the Web Developer capabilities are operations with cookies and the opportunity to shut down JavaScript and Pop-ups on sites. In the Outline section, testers can easily highlight any types of elements, whether block elements or simple headers. The possibility to check the validation of CSS, RSS feeds, URLs, HTML, etc., testers can find in the Tools section.

For a more thorough examination exists the option which allows testers to control the width and height of images, as well as the size and paths to them. The possibility to monitor whether broken images are presented on a site complement the Web Developer capabilities.

Working with different types of forms, testers can use the Web Developer Form Filler. It helps testers fill forms by various types of boundaries and simplify developers work while building web-pages.

The greatest strength of this tool is the possibility to check web pages with a required screen resolution. The tool can simulate different types of mobile devices, which facilitates testers work when it comes to the visual appearance of web pages.

We recommend to take all advantages of this tool due to its simple and intuitive usage and a high effectiveness within QA processes.

Open With

This tool is one of the most useful solutions when it comes to the cross-platform testing approach. Testers often copy some URL from one browser to another which makes a testing process much longer. Open With simplifies the process as it allows testers to open the web page in several browsers just in few clicks. Chrome, FireFox, and even Opera support this plugin.

To install the tool we need Python 2.7 or its higher version. After some simple actions the detailed instruction is available to complete the installation. There testers can find all needed info about further steps.  

We believe that this mini overview will be useful for you. These tools are simple enough but help to save your valuable time. At TestFort, we use these little helpers, which makes our productivity much higher and speeds up our internal processes. Contact us, our team can help you to ensure the reliability of your software fast and with the best cost/quality ratio.



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