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Testing Tools For Cross Browser – Reduce Efforts With Browser Compatibility Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/20/2012

Testing Tools For Cross Browser – Reduce Efforts With Browser Compatibility Testing

It is a real challenge for software test professionals & project teams to provide testing on various browsers. The testing cost is increasing greatly within running the test cases on all browsers. Particularly, it is a hard task when we don’t have validation/verification phase during the screen design or when there is no expert designers in the team. This is the disadvantage. But now we will see, that there are a lot of advantages too.

A lot of cross-browser compatibility testing tools are presented in the market, and this is great that you can choose between free and paid versions. It is real to do everything you need in your job using only free tools. Though, sometimes you may need paid tool if your requirements are very specific. Mentioned tools may be extremely useful for you:

1. Microsoft Super Preview: Microsoft offers you this free tool. Web page on different versions of Internet Explorer can be checked within this tool. It may be used to debug and test the layout issues. It is available for free downloading on Microsoft website.

2. IE Tab: It is maybe the best tool among the variety of tools, which are available for free. Basically, it is a Firefox & Chrome add-on. You can get an image of how the webpage will look like in Internet Explorer with a single mouse click from within Chrome & Firefox. This is extremely easy-to-use.

3. Browsershots: An application may be tested on any browser & platform combinations with the help of this browser compatibility testing tool. This is the most common tool. Because of various platforms & browsers combinations, it increase the time for results displaying.

4. LambdaTest: A cloud-based testing platform that provides access to a powerful network cloud of 2000+ real browsers and operating system. LambdaTest is useful for anyone who builds or owns a website or web application, giving them online capabilities to make their websites and apps pixel perfect and cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.

5. Spoon Browser Sandbox: This testing tool may be used for testing the web application probably on any major browser: Opera, Firefox & Chrome. Previously, it was supporting Internet Explorer too, but its support has been reduced.

6. BrowserCam: This is not free browser compatibility online QA testing tool. But you can try a trial usage which provides you with 24 hours and screen limit of 200.

7. IE Tester: Within this tool you can test the web pages on different versions of IE on Windows platforms like Windows XP, 7 & Vista.

8. Cloud Testing: This tool will be very helpful for you if you intend to test your application’s browser compatibility on various browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome.

9. Cross Browser Testing: That tool is amazingly useful for testing the website for Flash, JavaScript and Ajax features on different browsers. Free trial continues for 1 week.

In addition, there is a number of additional tools like Adobe Browser Lab, Browsera, IE NetRenderer etc. You make great effort’s savings with brilliant Quality, by spending some time for RnD on these tools.

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