Testing Responsive Web Design: 9 Lovely Tools to Choose From

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design responsivenessAfter finishing your responsive design, it’s time to test it so that it responds properly to variable screens and browsers. The following are the best tools that may help you at this stage.

  1. Designmodo Responsive Test

    This is a testing tool allowing for multiple screen sizes to test your responsive website. It requires only URL and selection of the device type.

  2. DimensionsApp

    This one is mobile and tablet simulator for testing website responsiveness via various browser sizes online. The extra feature is preview at different orientations. It’s also available to do offline testing with its Chrome app extension.

  3. Responsinator

    This one enables portrait and landscape preview your page across smartphones and tablets. It provides a realistic sense of viewing the site on multiple screens by means of the borders of virtual screen size via digital device simulators.

  4. Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

    This user-friendly tool will let you test your design responsiveness by device or width size. You may as well host the site on your server in case you want to test it, using an available GitHub repository.

  5. Responsive Design Calculator

    This tool is perfect for you if you are accustomed to using REM units for font size setting for your fluid design.


    This is a typecast-based tool for testing web design responsiveness where you need to just enter your URL and click “go”. It provides you a preview in the auto-mode. Using it you can find out if your web design fits on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

  7. Responsive.px

    By entering your URL you can see the appearance of your site on many screen sizes including standard and custom ones. At one place you are able to find the breakpoints in pixels as well as update your page’s media queries in order to make it responsive. In case you wish to discuss the design changes with your colleagues, it’s possible to send them the adjusted site viewport’s URL online.

  8. Screenfly

    Being a digital device simulator online, Screenfly is absolutely easy to use, provides a great range of options among which you’ll find visualization on desktop monitors of various size and even a TV screen.

  9. The Responsive Calculator

    Since responsive web design functions through a percentage-based layout well, this tool proves to be very handy helping you convert the pixels into percentages in one click.

Use these helpful responsive design testing techniques to test and design better!

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