Testing E-Commerce Easy As Cake


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Web Application Testing

Testing e-commerce sites is one of the most difficult website testing services. A lot of pressure is put to them as on something related to money and appropriate data. Are there any things now e-commerce site may skip while being under test? Not at all. Especially not the following:

  • Security of data and all the transfers is your number one priority and pen testing is your guideline through the entire project and all the following steps.
  • You’ve made a change? Test it and test it hard. Everybody loves changes. Whether the color is looking better this way, or the new service has appeared and you wish everybody to focus on it, whatever. There are multiple reasons, due to which you might consider adding changes to your e-commerce site. There is only one thing that is never to be changed no matter what is happening from mere laziness to a global zombie apocalypse (well, ok, you may run around and scream or get looted when there’s a zombie apocalypse) and that thing is testing. As well as measurements of impacts the change has provided.
  • Make sure all is optimized. It has no right to be just an initiative from your development team. It has to be there for, like, always (except the zombie apocalypse, yet we are all realizing that a zombie apocalypse will be a hell of a vacation from any job, not only e-commerce testing).
  • Generate some solutions and ideas from user feedback. Initiative is great and when you can make something better, why shouldn’t you?
  • User testing is highly important. Watch how actual people are handling tasks they are supposed to fulfill with ease. Make sure they are not facing any drastic challenges after all they are trusting this site with their money. And they will not be paying something hard to understand. That is why User testing is something you do not want to miss.
  • Pair testing with some other analysis stuff. Heat maps are a great mean that may assist with your testing. You will know where user attention is centered and which parts need to be checked with more detail or whether users are looking at what you want them to.
  • A/b testing is nice when you have the appropriate amount of users.
  • Be the user. Would you be using such a website or would you just skip it and keep surfing for something more fit? If yes, why would you do so?
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