Testing Diplomacy Tips: How to Stop the War with Programmers

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/25/2012

Testing Diplomacy Tips: How to Stop the War with Programmers

Some managers think that antagonism policy is very efficient way to force programmers and testers squeeze more results out of the work. It’s hard to say what start such enmities and it’s very difficult to establish trustful relations under such circumstances and deliver qualitative product to end-customer.

You should understand that war between developers and testers doesn’t lead to nothing good. Healthy climate in the team makes not just easier the work but allows finding compromise faster. Let’s try to formulate some recommendations how to solve such problems.

Add Sugar to Make Bad News Sweeter

As you know tester job is delivering bad news to programmers about their code. When mother hears that her child is not as perfect as she thinks, probably she’ll be very angry the person who dared to say such insolence and try to contest it every way. The same situation arises between programmers and testers when the last try to say that the code (programmer’s baby) is ugly. Hence, you should be tactful and diplomatic when confronting a developer.

Play as One Team

When you communicate to programmers try to make them feel that you have the common goal. Both of you should understand that earning your bread thanks to each other – there are won’t be testers without programmers and developers are not fired yet only thanks to you. Thus when programmer understands that your job is also important and all you are doing is finding fault with code to improve it, they start respecting us.

Aside Your Ego

Well, you are pretty cool, you find bugs and make programmers shame of it. But try not to overdo with this pleasure. When you are writing your report, don’t make it looks like red diary of school kid. Everybody makes mistakes; we are humans, not machines. So try to show respect to their work if you want to earn reciprocal respect. Try to build long-lasting and successful relationship not using your report as a weapon against programmer.

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