Testing and QA trends in 2018 – main challenges and practical tips


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2017 was a year of new breath-taking software development innovations. We were astonished by unbelievable AI innovations, inspiring IoT projects and comprehensive big data discussions.

Looking through the main tendencies in development our testers were surprised how little is the understanding of the urgency of adapting QA to these new dev technologies. So we decided to share own vision on software testing trends in 2018 – how testers can and should keep up with big software innovations.

Trend #1 Internet of Things should be tested and re-tested

IoT provides great possibilities to connect business companies with clients. It enables an everyday interaction with customers. However, the internet of Things requires a different testing and QA approach. The main priority is to reduce risks related to security and compliance.

How renovate testing strategy to ensure the IoT project’s quality?

  • The IoT is a complex system which consists both of software and hardware components. The main responsibility is to test the dependency between devices, check data transferring and offline conditions to prevent information loss.
  • When the data moves between devices, the chances of security breaches are higher. All the information should be encrypted.
  • IoT apps interact with different types of software and hardware at the same time. That is why it’s essential to conduct in-depth compatibility testing. Make sure you check your product on different browsers and their versions, device models, and multiple OS.

What does it mean for testers? With growing demand for IoT technology, it is important to master the skills of advanced security and compatibility testing.

What does it mean for business owners? IoT testing is a major QA trend in 2018. If you decide to start an IoT project, hiring a team of professional testers is definitely one of your main success factors. IoT apps provide endless opportunities, but only if they are repeatedly tested.

Trend #2 – Go Big Data testing or Go Home

Big data is a promising technology in 2018 and one of the latest trends in software testing. The challenge here is to provide safety and strong analytical tools for processing the information. Let’s see what should be considered when it comes to big data testing.

  • Big Data creates a massive load of information which needs to be systematized. The algorithms of analytics and big data tools should be tested in a right away.
  • The use of the Big Data often involves the collection of personal information which creates a huge challenge for testing and QA team. It requires professional encryption and continuous testing of databases.
  • Сheck the staging, the processing and the storage of collected information. This presupposes testing of the methods and periods of data collection, processing, protecting, and storage.

What does it mean for testers? Big Data testing and building its strategy require advanced skills of SQL, Oracle, Python, Java, High Scripting, Hyve.

What does it mean for business owners? Big data is used in different fields of expertise – e-commerce, social media, healthcare, finances etc and provides endless possibilities. However, it involves also a big responsibility – all the algorithms should be reviewed by professional testing and QA team for secure data collection and storage.

Trend #3 Security testing is everything

2017 was a year of massive cyber attacks and security breaches. The statistics shows that no one is safe – recent attacks on massive corporations like HBO, Equifax only proved that.

What trends in testing will develop in web and mobile security testing in 2018?

  • Data should be encrypted and hashed. Here we talk not only about password and login but about any data the user enters to your site or application. It is important to create a strong encryption algorithm to protect messages, social media credentials, pictures – any kind of personal information.
  • Use of OpenSource testing tools. With the rapid growth of OS community, there are a lot of free tools for testers and developers. The main trend of 2018 is to implement more security testing tools to save time and money.
  • Implementing Agile and DevOps principles. Security is a concern both for testers and developers. Therefore, in 2018 the best way to achieve this goal is to cooperate at the very beginning of development – it helps to avoid the expensive last-stage fixing and improvement.

What does it mean for testers? It is crucially important to review your methods of data protection. Make sure you know what information your product collects and whether all of it is needed. Don’t forget to use software and mobile Open Source testing tools.

What does it mean for business owners? Security testing is an emerging software testing trend – you can’t neglect it. Start working with testers on the early stages of product development – the last-stage remediation takes a lot of time and money. It is especially important if you implement new technologies like Big Data or Internet of Things.

This is how we see the main testing trends in 2018. If you want to implement some of them in your project, contact us while you still have a little bit of 2017 left.

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