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Testers vs Developers: How To Make Them Being Friends?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/16/2012

Testers vs Developers: How To Make Them Being Friends?

Is it true that testers are those awful troublemakers as developers suggest? Of course, nobody wants to be criticized, especially when it’s his/her work. But what testers really do is delivering qualitative product to a client. That’s why at some point of the game developers feel themselves kind of offended. Want to know why? It’s the character and responsibility of these two roles.

Sometimes severe bugs occur, sometimes bug invasion occur and developers feel irritated of the number and sometimes even at the person. These two roles lack the understanding between each other in many areas.

Creating a good and understanding relationship between testers and developers

Friendship and teamwork are the best keys to solve this issue. Being a good friend to a developer, means that you can talk to him and he will understand the issue and therefore you two combining your efforts, can improve the work. Both of you should understand that the better and the more coordinated your work the greater result you achieve. The developers, on their side, should guarantee that their work is free of bugs. However the testers, on their side, should ensure that if there are bugs, they should be dealt with in time and appropriately before it’s time to release the project.

Being a QA and having spent time with a team makes the relationship between every member, including you and developers, friendlier. While working together you can find faults beforehand. And it’s always better to fix them right away, rather than get complaints from clients. From cooperating, i.e. discussing design and solutions, everyone can benefit, for example developers can become aware of various issues and areas, so that they can improve the quality of their work, hence implanting the quality into their minds.

Testers always find bugs but they can also share some tactics with developers on how to test their work. It could help the developers to test their projects better, before handing them to clients. Note that such scheme can be true only when everyone is working together and share the same final target, i.e. “to deliver a high-quality product” and to satisfy the client.

Thoughts sharing:

So what is the best way to make the relationships between developer and QA friendlier?

Here are some thoughts concerning this issue:

If you have more thoughts, feel free to share.

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