Test Load Smartly!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/19/2015

Test Load Smartly!

Am I doing load tests wrong?

There is no web development without load testing. Proper web development, that is. You are surely interested in success when your site’s going live, right? That’s where accurate web testing is of great assistance!

Load testing is a small part of ensuring such success. Small, yet vital as you are expecting visitors and active users and you wish them to be satisfied, otherwise why would you require a website or application in the first place? There are many things that may assist you with load testing like apps, experience, a second opinion and advice. That is why this post is being written. Simply consider the following when working within your project and you will do much better.

tips for smart load testing:

  1. Be certain with what you desire and require. Make sure you are following the right goals. This is of extreme importance to testing. If you are looking for successful tests you will require vast knowledge of results you are expecting. Consider many questions like how many visitors is your site supposed to handle. What’s its purpose and how will it be assisting users exactly, etc. that is a hell of a starting point.
  2. Clarify benchmarks. What do you mean by heavy site loads? How were you handling those in your past experiences? Where are the limits? Benchmark has answers to these and more questions.
  3. Create scripts and stick to them. Perfect scripts will ideally form a Stress test, meaning they are creating order, accounts and products and gluing them in one piece. Scripts are also to determine bottlenecks caused by heavy traffic loads.
  4. Choose tools wisely. You have set up goals in the beginning, were trying to meet them in the middle but how do you know you have succeeded in the end? How may you be certain all objectives were completed? And gained info, despite being vital is useless to you unless is used wisely. Hence your weapons of choice are to be great with collecting data and it’s analysis as well as result summarization.

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