Test Like A Monkey, Launch like A Bee

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/22/2014

Test Like A Monkey, Launch like A Bee

Just imagine several monkeys performing testing of mobile applications. I’m quite sure than this would be a fascinating site overfilled with anarchic and reasonless actions that actually may lead to great discoveries. Hopefully there is no team that will willingly treat monkey testing seriously and will employ several chimps and, perhaps, a senior gorilla, yet there are many things a tester may come up with in this domain without unnecessary animal involvement.

Sure monkey testing is not something that may not include any strict rules by default. And a great deal of such test may be also covered while performance or load testing sessions for example. The tests will also be very dependent of the kind of app under test as well as fitting device types. And, nevertheless, there are things practically any monkey testing session may benefit of. What would an actual monkey do?

Sure there are many more things to check in your app but most of them have probably been somewhere around previous sessions. Be creative. Turn of your logic and rationalism and you will succeed with Monkey testing!

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