Technical Testers Becoming More Sought After?

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technical mindThe world is changing posing new demands for testers, particularly in the technical aspect.

Here are the major spheres where testers’ technical skills are especially in demand today.

  • Cloud Computing

This technology enables us to utilize the cloud functionality. In cloud computing testers need to verify if that the cloud service functionality supports business processes correctly, but they also need to run technical tests checking the correct integration of a service with already existing systems. The integration of variable systems, as it is seen, requires testers to be capable of read technical logging, utilizing drivers, stubs, mocks and other tools.

  • Agile Development

Another “hype” requiring technical testing skills is Agile. In multi-disciplinary teams testers and developers get closer what implies more technical communication and discussions. Direct communication between the two functions increases due to the usage of less documentation here. To ensure good communication testers need to have some development knowledge and vice versa.

  • Test Automation

The incremental and iterative character of agile demands more frequent regression tests executed which is delivered by test automation. While using test automation, in turn, technical skills are also needed from testers to monitor services in production. The test automation maintenance uses different tools that testers need not only use, but understood and implemented as well. So the need for testers’ technical skills here is growing respectively.

To sum it up, the software created nowadays is getting increasingly complex, and as cloud and Agile are getting standard, testers need to catch up with this quickly changing IT world as well. The only way QA specialists can keep up with development speed is using test automation which in turn requires better technical knowledge both from developers and testers. Today in test jobs one can see demands for programming skills as people expect testers to be good at discussing architectural problems which are likely to be found during development and other issues.

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