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T-Shaped Tester: Modern Demand

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/17/2013

T-Shaped Tester: Modern Demand

With the spread of agile development and agile testing in today’s IT companies the requirements for the members of development team changed as well. It has become ineffective to clearly distinguish the member shares in a project and make them work only on their immediate tasks. The modern development process has a need in constant communication, close collaboration and broad competence of each person in a team.
In conditions of such modifications in development process there appeared a concept of so called T-shaped software tester. This term is attributed to Tim Brown, the CEO of IDEO Company. If we imagine a tester in the shape of letter “T”, then his vertical part will represent his knowledge, skills and expertise in his immediate specialty, that is software testing. Meanwhile his arms in a horizontal line will symbolize his ability to adopt some non-related knowledge and practices as well as collaborate with the specialists from other domains. Thus, a T-shaped tester is one that combines his testing expertise with his insights into other disciplines and sociability.
Recently many testers claim that their work is not only bug detection. If so, it could be done by computers instead of intelligent human beings. In their blogs testers argue that their main function is guarding the proper functioning of the system. That is protecting it from failures, preventing errors, analyzing its performance, providing the conditions for secure work of the system on all the stages of its development and so on. Instead they often feel discontented because their potential is not fully realized at work. Many testers say that they it would be more useful for companies and more motivating for them if they were introduced to the development process earlier, given a chance to learn from programmers and participate in project management. In this way testers will execute more effective tests, projects will be completed faster and companies will profit greater.
Thus, in terms of modern development process to be a good tester, besides professionalism in software testing, it requires from a person multi-oriented skills, flexibility, fast learning ability and cooperativeness.

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