System Boot Up Process Time: Testing With BootRacer


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BootRacer is a convenient and free testing tool that can help you to calculate the system bootup time. You just have to start testing with a simple button click and then get the rating of your system.

You can get a lot of useful information, using BootRacer:

  • logon event Boot Time (it is impacted mostly by windows exes, admin mode services and kernel drivers)
  • Total Boot Time for Desktop (impacted by startup programs and services)
  • Best Time to the Desktop the system has shown in compare with earlier results difference between the current result about measurement of the time to desktop and the best boot time to desktop
  • ‘Last Shutdown Time’ of the tested computer

There are three different ways to view the measurements made by BootRacer:

  • an event log under Windows Computer Management
  • it can be seen on the interface as a pop-up when the BootRacer has completed its measurements
  • a balloon on the desktop of the user

All the measurements and placements can be configured by the user to fit his requirements. The tool provides a special GUI interface that allows it.

The criterion that BootRacer uses for boot time rating are:

  • Best logon time is 12-15 seconds
  • Best Boot to Desktop time is less than a minute (if it is more than 3 minutes, a serious actions are needed)

So now you have an opportunity to make it easy when you check your system boot time. When the BootRacer is installed on the computer, the service name is “Boot Racer Service”. This tool can measure the boot time to logon and to desktop on the system tested.

The BootRacer doesn’t provide multiple measurements. The user has to boot manually the number of times he needs for the analysis.

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