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Swiss Testing Day 2014: A Perfect Chance for New QA Experience

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/21/2014

Swiss Testing Day 2014: A Perfect Chance for New QA Experience

Swiss Testing Day 2014This Wednesday our QA team visited another great testing-centered meetup, Swiss Testing Day 2014, which took place in Zurich on March 19.

Who attended the conference and why?

The Swiss Testing Day conference, first started in 2006, is organized to allow all QA stakeholders to communicate with their worldwide colleagues outside their working environment. This time the meeting welcomed up to 800 attendees who were searching for professional communication, business cooperation as well as testing practices and inspiration.

What was it like?

Held in Zurich’s Kongresshaus on an honorary basis, Swiss Testing Day lasted one day and consisted of three parallel tracks plus an extra track for its partners. The talks and speeches of the event widely covered QA techniques, practices, methods, innovations and management. The schedule also held two keynote addresses, coffee breaks and exhibitions adjacent to the day’s program.

Besides experience reports, this year the organizers were looking for interactive and innovative QA contributions from the attendees as well. The visitors could take part in multiple innovative talks which handled known topics in a new context, or to present their user review shows recounting the tools, approach and techniques used, hurdles faced and experiences made.

How did BugHuntress like it?

The conference had a wonderfully creative atmosphere and BugHuntress participants had a great time there. Our team was happy to improve its skillset in such urgent issues like Xbox Testing, Continuous Delivery Integration Testing, Test Management, SCRUM Testing, Mobile QA trends, rapid user testing, QA and social networks etc. We’ve got a massive heap of knowledge and experience and are ready to use these in order to deliver even better solutions from now on.

Our testers are all delighted by this opportunity and are looking forward to new testing experiences!

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