Get Yourself Some Super Powers! 5 Techniques To Make Your Brain Work In Supreme Mode While Testing (part 2 of 5)


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Tips & Tricks

Hello my fellow angry men. Today we will be learning Zen. Relax, I’m just kidding, nobody was ever learning Zen seriously. Even the Buddhist monks are experiencing some anger issues. It’s just about how you deal with it. So how does one become like the flower in the wind or a leaf in somewhere else or whatever those wise old guys are saying in all those ninja movies?

The Issue

Remember all those irritating things that are making you burst out with righteous wrath on a daily basis? I mean those truly vicious and evil activities of somebody tapping their keyboard in a loud and selfish way, a broken pencil or, God save us, the office ran out of coffee for the longest fifteen minutes in your life, the minutes of pain and agony. Just imagine how easier it would be to just test without all those irritating distractions. And healthier by the way.

The Solution

The University Of New South Wales is here to assist you in achieving the ultimate Zen. After a two week course of, no not treatment, relax, no doctor’s going to poke you with his needles and stuff, applying their theory you will be as calm and awesome as an actual ninja on a mission.

What is their research about? There were some participants that were asked (some of them forced with brutal strength and tight ropes as they were the Hulk-angry type) to commit their usual daily activities with their non-dominant hand as much as possible. Especially with activities that are potentially dangerous to the surrounding people like door slamming or writing angry comments in blogs (writing angry comments in blogs), etc. The results were that the mentioned people were solid calmness after a total of two weeks. Even when they were abused by others (on purpose, as a part of the experiment) all they did was giving the abusers a very cool lock and continued with their daily activities.

What does this research give us? Brain scans of really pissed off people are showing that the catch is not in the amount of anger one possess. It’s about limitations of self-control. That’s right, we may run out of it which is not good if you are not into being in jail for barking stuff and punching people with keyboards.

But since your brain’s involved it may be hacked. You will be experiencing as much micro frustrations with doing stuff via your ‘useless’ hand that your inner calmness will get all the training it takes to be as peaceful as a sea breeze on a sunny afternoon somewhere around Bermuda. Imagine all the android app testing or web app testing or whatever your job is testing you may accomplish without any irritation whatsoever?

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