Stressed Out While Testing?


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Testers are literally stalked by stress. We constantly worry about all kinds of things. Even when we are at home in comfort most of our thoughts are oriented on whether no bug was missed out during sessions. Mostly this happens because of the awfully unfair blame-game many companies encourage. And we constantly are forced to face tight schedules, rushing deadlines and hell-loads of work no sane person would physically fit into given hours, causing us to be always stressed.

Stress needs to be dealt with as cranky testers are live time bombs. Stress leads to frustration, anger, and even rage. Or it may cause depression or apathy. In either case you would not be feeling better nor will such internal environment will cause a positive effect on your work. That’s why you should never let stress anywhere near you.

How to avoid being always stressed?

  • Use the “F-word”. A lot. Not while working of course nor should you speak foul things when surrounded by women, children or even teammates (yes, I know they may potentially deserve it, but you shouldn’t swear under any circumstances while in a working environment). Get a quite nice spot where you are all alone and let all demons loose. Shout, yell, strike something and use large amounts of foul language. Ensure even most hardcore of bikers blush from what you have just said. 5 minutes of this therapy and you will be born a new person.
  • Eat chocolate. But only the dark one as it’s overfilled various nutritious elements that include both flavonoids and antioxidants. This delicious treat will help you calm down in no time if you are stressed plus if great for your brains and heart (cardio). You can try garlic, it will work as well but, you know, the smell… If you will ever try out garlic in public or in your open space environment never tell anybody I advised you to do so. On the other hand, you will remain chill despite all the complaints from your colleagues.
  • Make order out of chaos. And vice versa. Scatter some things around your desk, the smaller the better. Leave them be, or arrange them by color or do whatever you like with them. Throw something away. Such activities literally eliminate stress.
  • Rub your Hoku. Hoku is the skin you have on your palm between your thumb and your pointer finger. This advice may seem ridiculous yet you would be surprised with results. I have no scientific background for this fact as I overheard it somewhere quite a while ago but I do have proof. I’ve used this trick dozens of times and it’s flawless.

So, fellow testers who feel stressed way too often, stay cool and remember: you only stress out because you love your job and care about what you do. That means you are in the right place.

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