Starting Off As a Manual Tester…

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 06/9/2015

Starting Off As a Manual Tester…

We all need to start somewhere. Many people who come into testing have no technical background, hence are deciding to kick off as manual testers. As if it was easier! Becoming a decent manual tester is as hard as mastering any other profession. The learning process is long and overfilled with challenges. Are you really ready to dedicate your life (or, at least, several years of it) to manual software testing? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right spot and are free to keep on reading.

Where to really start?

My fellow Junior software tester, you should consider your path towards all glories of manual QA begins, after you have finished reading a book by Clinton De Young and Manfred Ratzmann called “Software testing and internalization”. Although the book is slightly more focused on mobile technologies (which I consider a great thing in the world we live and test in), authors did a really great job by explaining the very essence of testing. Readers will get a nice chance to fully understand what software testing is really about.

Afterwards consider going through:

This educational process may take a while, yet results will be most fascinating and definitely worth every investment. If you really want to be a tester, that is.

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